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We create real, natural, astonishing images.
Nowadays, the range of visual techniques required in movies, advertising or TV is virtually unlimited.
At Omnibus Japan we offer one-stop solutions for the most difficult tasks in CG and VFX, from modeling to animation, from matte painting to compositing. Most of all, the whole pipeline is strictly coordinated, so to maximize our staff’s efforts and minimize your costs. Add to this a number of the top visual artists of Japan working with us, and you will have one of the most innovative and creative team of the whole Asia-Pacific Area. That is why top movie directors pick up Omnibus Japan when it comes to Visual Effects; prominent brands ask us to supervise and produce their advertising campaigns; and the most important corporations select our artists when they need to develop revolutionary Corporate Identity projects, astonishing Launch Events or breathtaking Live Shows.

[ Main Services ]

  • Visual Planning & Design
  • CG & VFX
  • Matte painting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Motion Capture
  • Virtual camera
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