Non-Linear Editing

Non-Linear Editing is the standard in advertising films, and advertising films are our field of excellence. In other words, at Omnibus Japan you can find the most advanced environment when it comes to editing and compositing. Game-changing techniques and original ideas developed by our creators allow us to supply the best creative solutions to our Clients. And when it comes to VFX - nowadays an indispensable part of the whole visual production process - you can be sure that the best staff you can find this side of the world is working for you.


Linear Editing

We have one of the largest editing facilities in Japan, capable of handling multiple media formats. Further, our expertise ranges from TV shows to documentaries, from drama to exhibitions, from blockbuster movies to corporate presentations. You just have to ask us, and stay assured that you will immediately have the most professional answer and cost-effective plan from us.


Color Grading

Color Grading is the process by which we adjust colors on every kind of format. Either if you want to reproduce the exact colors of the shooting environment, or you want to change a daylight scene to a nighttime one, or even a summer grassland into an autumn field, we can reproduce all and any requests of the most demanding director or storyteller.


Creation of Graphics

In collaboration with editing rooms, we can render our services of creating graphics smoothly which will add an accent to the work. Though it is normally difficult to express 3D flying logos and swish transition effects by standard editing, we are able to support its creation efficiently. Also, with our ability of creating opening sequences of the program and menu videos for blu-ray titles, it is possible for us to offer our overall services for production which will include offline / online and opening videos.


Audio Post Production

In Audio Post Production, we combine separate sounds, such as the narration, the dialogues, the music and the sound effects, into one single audio file. As the leading company in this field since the Eighties, we have built full-digitalized facilities for highly effective performances. Not only we can produce high quality Surround Sound works and other sound design tasks for either TV or DVD/Blu-Ray; but we also have a THX pm3 Certified Studio for offering you the best you can ask for.

※THX:THX is a series of demanding performance standards and specific technologies developed by Lucasfilm Ltd., and a Registered Trademark of. THX Inc.


Recording Studio

At our Recording Studios, we produce an incredible amount of Japanese language versions of foreign movies and TV shows, as well as voice tracks for games and animation programs.
We own a multi-purpose 3 room sound studio with 100 inch monitors, where up to 30 voice actors can perform simultaneously. At our THX pm3 Certified Studio, we can reproduce high quality sound for the most demanding creative work of yours.


Data Conversion

Using the advanced equipment and technologies, we can handle various formats of video and audio data. Depending on your intended use, our staff with special knowledge will select suitable format and frame rate for conversion of the data and take appropriate measures in supporting delivery of files including quality check. Also, in order to materialize formulation of flexible workflow, we will handle offline conversion of various media in a timely manner.

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